Where i can see all the system logs


Where i can see all the system logs, example:

  • errors on API calls
  • all the calls to update products
  • all the webhooks invoke and their responses etc


Hi @sebastian11c

You can view event logs on your store by calling https://api.moltin.com/v2/integrations/logs this will allow you to see the events triggered by your integrations.


Also with regards to error logging, you can integrate something like Sentry in your stack.

Hope this helps



thanks @drew, i checked the documentation, but i cant see the information i wanted to see,
example i have a webhook everytime i create a product, and i see some events in the logs, but i cant see if the webhooks got a 2xx response or the payload posted to the webhook. more granular information
how can i get all that information


Hey @sebastian11c

Right now it’s not possible to see more granular logs on webhooks. I’ll feed it back to our team for possible future iterations :slight_smile: