Variations and Options




I wanted to know if the feature for creating variations and options was going to be integrated into Forge.
I was told in September by one of the Moltin team that it was being worked on.
I need this feature because I am a freelancer who wanted to use Moltin to make E-Commerce websites for clients and don’t see the point of creating my own dashboard using the API when Forge is there already and it can do so much. I don’t want my clients to be using Forge for most of Inventory Management and Orders and then use variations and options somewhere else on another website. That is quite inconvenient.

So, if anyone could please tell me when this feature will be integrated into Forge or if it’s better for me to make my own dashboard using the API, would be much appreciated. If you choose the latter, please provide some evidence so that I can properly understand.




Variations will be integrated into Forge, however, this will not be until some point in the first quarter of 2018. If you can’t wait until then you would need to look at the documentation on how to add variations to the API if you decide to build something out yourself.




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