V1 deprecation notice


Hello everyone :wave:

From Monday 17th July 2017, version 1 of our API will be locked off for new users, that means if you signed up after this date you will no longer be able to access the V1 API.

New users will be directed to use version 2, both links for documentation and the dashboard have now been switched to point to the latest version by default. We highly recommend users that signed up before this date to also begin working with version 2 as it nears feature parity with version 1 and is production ready.

You can read the full announcement in the post below.



There is an update by @megdonlon for V1 users on the Moltin blog.

If you haven’t spoken to us about migrating, please let us know via support@moltin.com as soon as possible.


Hello all! Please be aware that as of 5pm GMT today March 6th, Moltin V1 is fully deprecated and inaccessible to those not whitelisted.

If you’re not sure if you are on the whitelist, contact support@moltin.com.

We’re extremely excited to support all of you on V2!