Upload from CSV


Hi there, we are developing our new e-commerce using Moltin, we need to understand how we can bulk upload our items on the platform from csv. I know you just use JSON files for the upload and that we could use Airtable, but I wanted to further talk about it and clarify. I was in contact with Matt Foyle from Customer Success team, but he failed to reply a couple of emails now and his phone goes straight to voicemail.

Anyone who can help with this?

Thank you


Hi @iaryd

Right now there is no direct CSV import that we handle our side. You would have to use the POST products endpoint to create your products individually.

I know @craigtweedy has experience importing large datasets, so maybe he can provide his experience too :wink:

PS. I’ve pinged this message to @Matt to check-in with you.

I hope this helps :smile:


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