Updating shipping status of order




I want to update the shipping status of an order from the dashboard but I can’t find a way to do this. Is this a feature that hasn’t been added yet and is coming soon? If so, is the only way for me to do this is from cURL (what I currently use)? And if that’s the case, any idea on when this will be added?


Hi @Gullible.Jin

This is not currently part of the Dashboard functionality. I agree that this should be a feature and I’ve passed this request onto our product development & roadmap team.

Until then you would have to use the API to update an order shipping attribute to fulfilled



+1 This is a must.

Maybe also add the Shipping Status as a column in the Orders list view.


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Any news about this?


Hi @nicofetter

You can now mark orders as fulfilled from within the Order details screen :smile:

We’ll be adding it to the orders list view next @markdown :wink: