Updating a custom field



So I am currently storing usernames in a custom field called usernames which can be found under customers, however, I would like the user to be able to update their username name if need be. What are the endpoints for doing this?

Do I have to get a list of entries, find the entry ID and then update the username? or is there an easier way? TBH I was hoping to do:

method: ‘put’,
url: /customers/${data.customer_id},
data: {
username: ${newData}


Hi @monkemedia

If your flow field is called username and you’ve attached the field to the customers flow. Then your request above should work, however it will be limited to client_credentials tokens.

To do this with an implicit token, you could look at customer tokens.



Hmmm I have tried using the customer token, but to no avail. I will try it again and report back. Many thanks for your response James.


If you do run into issues with this, just let us know!


Got it working James. Many thanks


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