Update the price value of promotion_item


The price of a promotion_item only updates if I change the quantity of a cart_item. If I add a new product however the value doesn’t change which results in some weird percentages.

How would you recommend to tell Moltin to update the value manually?

Thank you!


Hi @wyte

Thanks for bringing this to our attention and I’m sorry you’re having difficulty using the promotions API.

It certainly sounds like something is happening that shouldn’t.

I’ve brought it to the engineering teams attention who will look into this. I’ll keep you updated :smiley:


PUT a cart_item to /carts/{CART_REFERENCE}/items/{ITEM_ID} does update the the promotion_item.
Though, POST a cart_item to /carts/{CART_REFERENCE}/items does not update it.

Is there currently any workaround for this issue? My client wants to start production on Friday, February 9.


Hi Wyte,

Just replicated your issue and we can see the problem.

Promotions are being managed on updates and deletes and (obviously) add promotion but not when an item is added to the cart. This is an oversight we should have picked up.

We will open a ticket and rectify this.

Thank you for reporting - we rely on people like you to make this platform the best it can be for everyone… so thanks again.


Hi Wyte,

we have pushed a fix for this - please feedback if you are still experiencing issues.

And all apologies - hope Friday goes well for all concerned!




Works as expected.

Thank you!