Unable to complete manual orders



hi i’m using a manual payment gateway, to authorize and capture my orders. the problem is that when i use

Moltin.Orders.Payment(orderId, {
    gateway: 'manual',
    method: 'capture'

in order to complete the order, the state of the order remains as Processing. to double check i call the above code again and i get.

 [ { status: 409,
   title: 'Order Complete',
   detail: 'This order is already complete.',
   request_id: '41e7c023a7019b8e' } ] }

in the console. not sure why it says that the order is complete when in dashboards the state remains as Processing.



Thank you for bringing this to our attention. If the API is reporting that the order is complete then I would assume that this is the true status of the API. I would like to make a few calls against your store to double check the status of the order and see whether it is a bug on the dashboard not refreshing the status or something else going on.

I will pop into DM with you to grab a few details :slight_smile: