Ability to create a recurring order over a fixed term for a user


Hi Matt, any news on this? im interested in using it trough the stripe billing/subscription model.
I would love to keep the stripe payment options for my orders and not switch to manual and do the handling myself. Or do you see any other options?

Cheers Christian



Thanks for checking up on this, unfortunately, subscriptions won’t be available this year as other core features are being implemented. We will, however, give notice when this feature becomes available.

Thank you


Any update on subscription payments?


Hi @uwaterdog,

If you’re looking for something simple & out of the box something like Stripe subscriptions, Recurly or Chargebee might be right for you. If you have more complicated requirements it may make more sense to implement a DIY approach supplemented by Moltin.

We’ve seen these more complex subscription use cases implemented by using Moltin plus a third party provider / payment gateway to handle the billing process itself. Flow fields are often used to store custom subscription related data inside Moltin (orders/products etc…) to make the integration itself possible. Each subscription use case is different though given the required business logic and third party provider.