Starting a new static site generator for use with Moltin API



Hi all,

I have started playing with the idea of a static-site generator that specializes in dynamic, API-driven data. Many SSG at the moment are harder to work with for this, as they don’t (easily) auto-generate pages, so this is an attempt to address that with a new SSG, as well as creating a fully-automated platform for hosting and auto-syncing with whatever API’s are feeding it data.

It is very early days, of course, but here is my first proof of concept: It auto-builds/deploys when there are data changes (such as if I update a product in the Moltin admin dashboard), or template changes (which are synced from my development computer).

I will continue to flesh this idea out, and just wanted to share it with the group in case anyone was similarly interested in this kind of “front-end-as-a-service” solution and had feedback or concerns that I haven’t thought of yet.



Update: I have a working CLI for developing and syncing. I am calling it Prebuilt (eventually will live at I am planning on charging something for maintaining and supporting the sync servers, but not for anyone who wants to jump on as a beta-tester :slight_smile:

Currently supported platforms: Moltin
Currently supported deploy targets: Surge, Netlify

CLI help text currently looks like:

Prebuilt - Static-site generator for dynamic websites

init                 - Initialize new project in current directory
build                - One-off build from input/ into output/
develop              - Start dev server, rebuilding on changes in data or input

deploy               - (Re)uploads config, templates, user-defined data files to
                       Prebuilt's syncing servers for auto-redeploying on data changes
env                  - List all environment variables
env:get [key]        - Get env key
env:set [key] [val]  - Set env key
env:unset [key]      - Unset env key
login                - Login with username, password
logout               - Logout, removing the ability to deploy or sync remote data
whoami               - Prints out the email address of the current login


Hey Brendan,

This is really cool would love to be a beta tester.



Landing page is up!

Just a place to sign-up for updates and a link to Github where you can install the CLI, but, it is a start! The documentation found in the Github repo’s Readme has been used by at least one developer to get up and running on their own, so I am ready to say: Give it a shot!

Any questions, hit me up here, or you can reach out at