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I created a base product with the following sku.


{COLOR} and {YEAR} are there so that I can use the sku builder product modifier. I created all of the product variations, variation options and modifier with seek and set properties and then linked the variations to the base product. If I look at the list of poducts in my store I am still left with the original and it’s id.

Here are my questions.

  1. When linking variations to a base product that uses the sku builder, am I supposed to get more than one product?
  2. How do I add a modified product to the cart if I only have one base product id?

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Hi Jon,

Have you built the child products? /v2/products/:uuid/build; this should return a list of all the child products built (or an error if any conflict or problem was detected).

When you get the base product by ID, the response should include a section within the meta section of the body. This in turn should include the properties variations and variation_matrix.

The variations property will give you all the information required to display the variations, the variation_matrix will provide a map of variation option IDs and the corresponding child product id.

Codepen example of using variations - this was done quiet a while back (there might be a difference in how these collections are indexed but hopefully you will get the idea) The ‘interesting’ part of the code is the getChildID method

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply. I do not see the child product ids when I look up my product. The screen shot below may help.


Can I just confirm…

After attaching the variations to the base product have you hit the build endpoint?


You must hit this endpoint to trigger the building of the child products…


I’m having trouble with the build. It’s telling me the slug has previously been used which, does not make sense. Any ideas?


Yes - unfortunately you have another product with a slug equal to the one trying to be built on one of the child products.

If you can give me your storeID or clientID (NOT client_secret!!!) I can have a look for you.


Here is the clientID.



I’ve figured out what the issue was. I have to append the name and slug for each product. I did not see this in the example that was shown in the docs so I omitted it. Thanks for the help.


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