Showing more than 100 Variations



Hi how so I get more than 100 variations to show using a curl request

I try this for example[limit]=100&page=[offset]=100

but API call is not changing and just executing[limit]=100&page[offset]=0



Hi @greenlightpete

100 is the maximum number of objects that will be passed back per page from the API. In order to get the next set, you will need to loop through the pagination object and get the next set of results.

Is this not working for you correctly?


I don’t see any pagination in the results

This is all I get at the end of my curl request


Hi Pete looking into this for you


Hi @greenlightpete

It doesn’t look like pagination has been implemented on Variations at the moment however we are working to standardize responses across the API. When I have encountered this in other services pre-paginaton all of the results were returned, is this not the case with variations?

I have sent you a DM :slight_smile:


Hi @greenlightpete

I have taken a look at your data and can see that all the variations are being returned. I have raised an issue with the engineering team and will feedback to you as soon as possible.