Shipping in V2



From the documentation I do not see provision for adding shipping to moltin v2.
Can you please let me know what happened to shipping feature?


Hey :vulcan_salute:

At the moment we are working super hard to bring shipping features to our customers but we are a little way off yet, so as a workaround you can calculate the shipping in your application and add it as a custom cart item.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


thanks I will check it out.


I’m having some trouble finding instructions for adding a custom item to a cart, outside of using curl. Is there a method in PHP for adding a custom item, akin to cart()->addProduct()?


Hi @charlesh - custom items aren’t supported in the SDK right now, but they will be very soon. I’ll post on here once we have released that update…


In the interim, is there a recommended way of including a shipping cost?


The only viable solution is the one already mentioned - it won’t take too long to build that into the SDK on our side


Hey @charlesh - this feature has been added in release 2.0.2 of the SDK:


There’s an example of how to use it here and the new method can be viewed here.


Thanks for getting back so quick!


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