SDK doesn't seem to wait before token has been fetched



Maybe this is more specific to my use case but I have to refresh the page twice before any access to the API is valid. To first load gets the token and stores it in my local storage as expected but only on the second load does it actually allow me to use the SDK with said token


Hi @joe

A fix for this has been pushed to the SDK. Can you install the latest version 3.8.5 and let me know if this fixes your problem? You can see more about this over on GitHub

I hope this helps :smile:


All working now thank you. Do you update the SDK regularly?


Hi @joe

We actively maintain the SDK to ensure endpoints are available and tested. You can see the commit history on GitHub which should give you an idea of how often we update it.

Feel free to submit a PR, we :heart: contributions.

I hope this helps :smile:


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