Say hello to Jamie! πŸ‘‹


Please welcome Jamie Barton @notrab to the moltin team heading up developer success! :tada:


Thanks @ajsturrock :wave:

For almost 3 years I have been following the progress Moltin has been making in the eCommerce space. I am really excited to say I am now part of the Moltin family. I will work alongside the customer success team focusing on developer happiness and on-boarding.

If you’re a new or experienced developer and want to sell online, in-app or anywhere that’s connected to the Internet, Schedule a call about Moltin. I’d love to show you a demo.

You will begin to see new videos, example projects and documentation for new API features. I’ll keep everyone updated on Twitter and here, on the forum.

Another area I’m really excited about is sharing new API features with the community and understanding feedback so we can provide as much functionality as possible, as soon as possible.

I’m here to get to know everyone building solutions with Moltin and really excited to meet each and every one of you.


Hi Jamie,

I hear your a bit of a legend :wink: