Saving Customer Card Information


I am looking to use Stripe for my payment processing. Have it wired up and working, but wondering if it’s possible to save card information through the Moltin API. I am creating a token and being able to save that somewhere for future purchases from that specific customer would be great. Looks like the Stripe integration doesn’t create a customer object with Stripe, just processes a single payment so I cannot call that API for card information.

Any input would be appreciated.


To be PCI compliant you should not store customer card information. The recommended approach would be to generate a source directly with Stripe and attach it to a Stripe customer. This source can then be passed to Moltin’s payment endpoint.

Hope this helps!


Ahh had missed the capability to pass in a source directly. That is what I was looking for, appreciate the input!


One last item: I have finally gotten things set up per the docs using sources, but am getting an error with the Orders.Payment endpoint. Is it the source id we are meant to be passing in or something else? The source is coming down from the Stripe API so seemingly ought to work. I am getting an error with the following description: ‘No such token: card_…’. The endpoint works with a newly created card token, but not the source id. Is there a way one needs to convert the source into a token?



Hi @bclynch

Please, can you show me the call you are making to the API including the URI and body as well as the full error response?




The first image shows the call to Moltin that works for tokens (not card sources). The next shows the error I am getting from the endpoint. The last image shows source object I get down from Stripe. I am passing in the id property to the endpoint.