Sandbox mode?


I read through the documentation but I can’t find any information there regarding the sandbox mode. My trial period has expired but I’m still in the middle of development so I activated the account (I entered my credit card details in the account settings), but now I’m afraid that I’ll be charged for all the test transactions that I keep on doing while testing the app that I’m currently developing.

I already wrote a message about it to tech support but my messages remained unanswered.



Hey there! This is Matt from the customer success team, I apologise for any delay in answering your question, it actually relates to a process that we are working through at the moment. We will extend your trial so you won’t be charged for extra transactions above $100 (you will be charged for flows and events if you are using them). We will create a better process for this in the future as we understand that it’s tricky right now. In order to extend your trial, we will contact you directly to learn more about the development timeline :slight_smile:



Thanks a lot.

It would be great if you implemented a real sandbox mode in the future, so that we could run unit tests without a risk of exceeding the $100 limit.

IMO the API should have 2 sets of credentials - one for the production mode and one for the sandbox mode (that’s the way how it works in Stripe, for instance).



Been looking around for sandbox mode as well. Just learned about Moltin the other day and wanna get tinkering with a test project so I can learn how to set it up for future clients.

Glad you’re aware of the issue @Matt do you have any ETA for when it could be implemented?