Request to know the v2 API Services


Hi All,

Few days back we created store in moltin with v1.
We invoked api services through mobile app for my store which is created in v1.

We have some quarries If I moved to v2 those are

1. How to make my existing api service calls to work for v2
2. What are the new features we will get if moved to v2
3. What is the request url to perform CURD operations on each Endpoints of v2
4. How to make a call for Endpoints of v2


Data is not shared between v1 and v2, you should create a new store, and use +
API reference:

This post explains some of the benefits of v2:
Here’s a specific example of a new feature:

See docs + API reference above. It’s (no /v2 needed for auth)

See #3.