Raise the maximum limit of child products number



Hi there !

It seems that I hit the maximum limit of child products…
Is there any way you can raise this limit because it is really blocking me.

For details, I have 3 variation which have respectively 2 options (may be 3), 2 options and most of all 56 options (may be more…).
It does not seems to be crazy but still it is over the limit of 200.


Hi @NeilujD

We impose this limit on our community service to stop abuse of the system as building child products is quite an expensive process. For most stores this limit is more than enough.

Could you give me an idea of what you’re trying to do?



Hi @James !

Well, the concept of my store is to sell customized products and I want to provide to my customer a large choice of available designs (~300 futures).
Today, like I said in my first post, I have two more variations which have 2 options each.
This use case does not seem to me out of the scope.

Do you mean that I could raise the limit by upgrading my edition ?



This is quite an interesting problem. To give me a better idea of what’s going on, do you hold each colour in stock or are they printed on demand?


That is an excellent question !
Indeed they are printed on demand.


The reason I ask is that variations lend themselves well to products you have separate stock counts for each combination of options which isn’t the case here.

A better solution might be achievable with a combination of variations and a custom field. You’d set up your product with battery size + shape variations, then add a custom field to your cart items with a value for the colour.

Does that sound like something that could work?


Yes I just arrived to the same conclusion !
It should work.

Can you show me how should I make a request to add a cart item including a custom field ?
Because the only way I know to add an item in the cart is to pass the product id and quantity to the request.


Sure thing! https://docs.moltin.com/#add-a-custom-item-to-a-cart


As @Matt mentioned, custom cart items are one solution. You’d build up the custom item based on the product data. This is the most flexible solution.

If you just need to add a custom field to a standard cart item you can add it into the request:

  "data": {
    "id": "daca4780-7b64-46f0-9cdc-1369f7d10d8f",
    "quantity": 1,
    "type": "cart_item",
    "test-string": "My test value"

The one caveat here is that flow fields aren’t copied to the order when you checkout. If you need that data on the order, you’ll need to add it.


I will consider both solutions.
Then how can I add informations from my cart item to my order items ? I suppose same kind of strategy by adding a custom ?

Is it even possible to update an order item @James ?
Thanks for helping by the way !

Edit 2:
Ok so I found out that I can retrieve the cart item id from an order item.
Then how can I retrieve the cart item detail from that ?


It isn’t possible to update an order item directly. However, if you’ve set up a custom field on your order items, you can update it by doing a PUT to /v2/flows/:flowID/entries/:orderItemID.

If you do it all at the point of checkout, it should be fairly straight forward.

  1. Checkout - POST to /v2/carts/:cartID/checkout (this will return your newly created order)
  2. Get your cart items - GET to /v2/carts/:cartID/items
  3. Get your order items - GET to /v2/orders/:orderID/items
  4. Loop through the order items and for each item do a PUT to /v2/flows/:flowID/entries/:orderItemID with the custom field value.


Thank you it helped !


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