Rule based store promotions and sales, e.g. a summer sale with 50% off products in the “jeans” category between 1st July and 30th September.


How many times can I vote for this? :wink: It’s the number 1 reason clients have chosen not to go with the platform.


:sweat_smile: Promotions are not far away. There are two types, and the first type will be delivered before the second:

  1. Blind to cart items, applied to cart total via code, fixed or % amount deducted from total.
  2. Based on.


Hey @Matt can I get an update on Promotions and when they will be available.
Client is asking for when they will be available thats all.



Hey Peter. We’ve released documentation here:

You can also read about how to use promotions with carts here:

The feature is still in beta, but we’d love for you to give it a whirl and let us know what you think.


Hey @greenlightpete! How did you get on with the above promotions docs? Feedback welcomed :slight_smile:


Heya @Matt
Will implement this week, not got round to it yet been busy on other projects.


Will there be a way in the future clients can add Promotions and codes via Forge?


Hi @greenlightpete

Thanks for the question! We don’t currently have something like this on our roadmap, but that certainly doesn’t mean we can’t evaluate it for future consideration. Would love to learn more about what type of functionality you’d be hoping to achieve for this so I can filter this feedback back to our product team.



Would be looking for a basic setup Promotion with % or fixed discount and then be able to add voucher codes to that promotion, Start/End date and then be able to view, edit and delete them


FYI @Matt I am using Promotion codes on MDF so can you keep me in the loop if any changes will effect anything thats live, thanks