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I could be overlooking it. So, might be deleting this post. But, on the dashboard when I create a product where can I add variations? Like, if I had a white T-shirt and that T-shirt had small, medium, and large sizes.




At the moment we don’t have variation support in the dashboard, however, we are working towards enabling this functionality.

At the moment I would recommend using a REST client like Postman to insert variations. We have documentation on how to create the calls at

Thank you


I just downloaded postman. So my questions are:

Is my bearer token secret key? If not, where can I find it?

If I wanted to add a product variation to a specific product how do I add it with this URL:
/v2/variations? How do create that correlation?


Hey, the Bearer token is the token that is passed back from the API once Authorization call is successful. You would provide your client_id and secret in the call header and the auth type as client_credentials. You would then use the returned token in further calls.

I would suggest checking out our postman collections here

You create variations as stand-alone objects and then link them back to the main product and build using the build endpoint.

Hope this helps


I have created the variation for white t-shirt. Now, how do I link it to the product?

I guess I don’t understand this

and then link them back to the main product and build using the build endpoint.

And sorry for asking these questions. I’m new at this whole postman and variations.


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