Funny, they don’t list their pricing either?



I believe that the new model is simple and scalable, but it’s not transparent for sure. The sentence in the main slogan on the pricing page that says “Simple, transparent pricing” is simply not true.

I read through the pricing page and all I found about pricing is the slider that shows the estimated price that’s dependent only on the revenue and brief information in the help tooltip that says:

“Each month we’ll calculate your bill based on the orders handled through our system, and the adddons you choose”

So could you confirm that:

  • The price is only dependant on the revenue and additional features: Flows and Events which are optional.
  • The price does not depend on other factors like: the number of API requests, the number of items in store, etc.

It would be great if you update the Pricing page so that all these information are really simple and transparent as the slogan says.

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@wube, thank you for the comments here. We love getting feedback on things so we can continually improve the experience for our users. As I’m sure you’ve seen from this thread, pricing as been a hot topic for quite a while.

Regarding your comments above, you are correct that the price you pay is wholly dependent on your store’s revenue, and any Moltin add-ons you are using. We call it an estimation because, from month-to-month these numbers will vary as your business grows. Meaning the price you pay could potentially change month-to-month, depending on where your revenue is at on the scale in a given month.

In terms of your comment about API requests - the way we have approached this, in an effort to protect other customers from potential impact, is that there is a fair-usage policy that sits far above what we would consider “normal” for stores at various price points along the scale. We will be publishing the fair-usage details soon, but the only time this will affect you is if you’re consistently exceeding it, and either need to get a custom package, or have a work around to bring API requests more inline.

Let me know if you have any more questions or feedback. Thanks!





Thanks for the confirmation. But still, it would be great if the information provided on the pricing page were clearer. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who got confused by non-transparent pricing policy.

A little note, somewhere near the revenue slide, would do the job.



Definitely appreciate the feedback. We’ll be continuously tweaking/optimizing this to make it more customer-friendly, so we’ll include this feedback in the next rev. Thanks!




Is the pricing changing to a % or per transaction charge now?



Hi @uwaterdog, did you see the above screenshot on @ollie.barker Dribbble or Twitter profile? Ollie has recently been sharing some of the dashboard design work he’s been developing behind the scenes.

This was a proof of concept design and one of the pricing models we were contemplating internally at the end of last year but it didn’t make the cut. We have no plans to change pricing at the moment.

We’re actively developing out the self-serve billing functionality for the pricing model we launched in January. The first iteration has been launched into the dashboard, you can check this out here - This includes adding card details for the core plan and viewing invoices. Flows & events addon selection is the next iteration.

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I was just wondering after i saw over at your dribbble, via twitter. Keeping an eye on the new UX changes that are coming.

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