Hi @drew,

To be honest, while browsing the website i thought Moltin Core is free. But as you mentioned there is no free tier but a 30 day trial. I am also now thinking of moving to either Reaction or at last kind of making my own api in Laravel to achieve what you are offering at least to basic tier.

But very disappointed that core is not available for free.

Sajid Zaman


I did both about four days ago, no response


Hi, @sturner - my apologies if we didn’t respond to a contact form submission. If you can DM me your email address, I will have someone reach out to you asap. Thanks!


Dm’d as of a minute ago


Moltin “seems to be interesting”, until you get in this forum.

Moltin has an interesting proposal for developers, but it’s just a proposal for developers. It is not a real commercial solution for customers who want to start in ecommerce, and less for customers who want to move forward with their current ecommerce.

While moltin does not have a clear commercial solution, it will simply be an interesting proposal for developers.

The world of ecommerce is maturing in Europe and the US, but in other countries it is just flourishing, if Moltin wants to compete in this market of millions of prospects, it must take into account its purchasing power.

The ecommerce is a mass business, not a business for some exclusive. If Moltin wants to have a presence among the ecommerce LEADERS as described by @uwaterdog you should think about this.


Sorry to rant, but I’ve been in touch with Moltin by e-mail in three threads but still no word on pricing. We moved the project to Google Firebase. Now that’s 27 e-commerce sites that you had a fantastic chance at winning but Owen was too slow.
But whoever made the decision to remove public pricing should be disciplined. Personally, I’d fire the dude (or dudette) cause this is an ongoing issue that is losing you a shit-ton of money. Your investors shouldn’t be very happy.


Was just getting excited about using Moltin w/VueJS until I read this. Four-digits price structure!?
See ya


Hi all,

I wanted to weigh in here and share one of the founding principles of Moltin. Jamie, Chris and I come from a developer background and it was and continues to be our intention to never turn anyone away from Moltin that could benefit from our products and services. We’ve been there ourselves and we know just how much it can suck, this is also why we take great care over the simplicity, quality and overall developer experience of our product. With that said we are operating and growing our business so we have to strike the correct balance.

Our old pricing model was causing friction for customers as it was difficult to attribute API calls to tangible/useful business metrics which in turn caused problems for us as a business.

For transparency, we’ve been taking all the feedback posted here and received from elsewhere onboard and we’re working on a pricing model that upholds this founding principle that we hope will be good for the community. I’m personally really excited and can’t wait to share what we’ve been working on. We’re aiming to have something up by the end of the month.

Thanks for sticking with us, I appreciate it’s been a tough few months whilst we’ve been figuring this out.


In the end you need to build the business your customers want, but also a business you want, we all appreciate the team is working on new pricing structures and look forward to seeing what is released.


@ajsturrock I fully understand your point, but over 6 months without pricing (and the looming suspicion that it’s well in the thousands per year) it’s utterly ridiculous and speaks heaps about your team inability to conduct business (which is generally inversely proportional to your ability as developers, so I’m pretty sure you are one heck of a dev team :slight_smile: ).

I for once I’m very disappointed that this (seemingly trivial) point from a business perspective it’s train-wrecking yours and your team (and investors) effort, which seems great, to a grinding halt.

Whatever you do, just put a price tag on this thing: it doesn’t matter if you lose some money in the long run. You are losing a lot more than just money right now by not doing it.


Just take a look at - Pricing isn’t great, in the end it does end up cheaper than Shopify. - Developer focused. Not as polished as Moltin. Will get you what you want.

Pricing better come soon from the tone of this thread.


Haha, the tone might have come harsher than I intended… in the end I’m just sorry Moltin is loosing opportunities on account of this.

@uwaterdog, I’ll check Commerce Layer and see where I end up. What I need is a headless stack that will handle a proper CMS for editorial content, a payment gateway and user handling for subscriptions and a shopping cart with products. Moltin seemed like a good compromise between all those needs (judging by the box, we’d have to see the actual product) but all the other options out there seemed to require at least two platforms (Prismic + Spincart, for instance). If you know about something that would fill that gap nicely I’d be happy to know it!


Any news or updates about this?


Yes, we are still on track for end of this month. We’ll keep the group posted next week. Thanks for hanging in there while we worked through this.


Hi all - last day of the month so checking in to see if we can still expect the update today!



Yes! Through lots of blood, sweat, and tears - we have pricing ready to be published. The ink is literally still drying on this, but since this group has been so patient and has provided helpful guidance to us along the way on how to approach this topic, we wanted to share a sneak peak here first.

Our guiding principles when coming up with this model were to make it simple and scalable (be able to support small hobby projects all the way up to the largest enterprise usage). To that end, here is our new pricing page:

Please note - this page is live, but not yet linked on our site. We have a few final details we need to iron-out and update on this page and then hope to have it linked in our site navigation tomorrow. Again, I wanted to share it here (and only here until tomorrow) since this group has been so supportive and engaged in this discussion. We will also be publishing a blog post about this that discusses our pricing journey, the options we considered, how we tested different models with prospects in the market for the past few months, how we arrived at the model you see on this page, etc.

Thank you all again for your patience as we worked through this, and we would love any feedback you have. We fully intend to continue to tweak and optimize this model over time based on feedback and data - in the spirit of making this a customer-friendly model that allows customers to build and deliver amazing commerce experiences on Moltin.



Hi Greg, Thanks for the update and the more realistic pricing strategy. Looking forward to hopefully becoming a Motlin customer down the line when I find a project that can be relevant


Glad to hear it. We are here to help if you have any questions as you get started, so don’t hesitate to give us a shout.


Thought i would chime in. Could be totally wrong on pricing.

The only reason not to use Moltin now for headless commerce would be the backend vs Shopify. Shopify is really easy to use and the ability to handle options, variants, images etc is just a pleasure (apart from the limitations of the 3 variants etc). From what i’ve seen with Moltin it’s ‘build your own backend or admin’. Certainly something Shopify made right.

If you’re headless first and have the time/money to build the backend and integrations, seems Moltin is a perfect fit.

Example: 1 item store with $99USD item. Average monthly is $74250USD. - $315USD all inclusive with flow + events (CHEAPEST) - $349 Euro a month which gets you 750 orders which gets you to $74,250. - $299USD. If you pay $299USD + 0.5% its $372USD for the charges, so $299USD + $372USD = $671 all up.

Example 2: 1 item store with $99USD item. Average monthly is $400,000USD. - $1785USD all inclusive (CHEAPEST) - $349 Euro + $4935 Euro // Overage at 3290 orders x 1.5 euro. SHEESH i’m sure it changes at this kind of high level.

Shopify Plus - $2000USD + 0.2% - $800 = $2800USD

Shopify Advanced - $299USD + 0.5% = $2299USD


Hi, All, wanted to make sure you saw the blog post that @jHoldroyd wrote about the journey that led us to our new pricing model --> and thanks for all the great feedback you’ve given thus far. Please keep it coming…