Hey guys,
I can’t seem to find any info on pricing? Currently considering using moltin for another project, and would like to inform the client about the costs they’ll face monthly.

Somehow there seems to be no information on your website anymore.



Hi Robin,

We now tailor pricing to suit the individual organisation. You can contact our sales team via who will be able to discuss with you the pricing of your project.

Thank you


This is rather frustrating, since I can’t really quote a fixed price while presenting the client with an estimate.
A rough overview would definitely be helpful.


Hey @studioscholz

I totally understand your position, but drop us a line and one of the team would be happy to jump on a call or email to walk you through some options :sunglasses:


Thanks, already in contact with someone via email. However, I feel its a bit of a shame your pricing is now non-transparent. Definitely makes it harder to get clients to agree on using moltin.


Hey @studioscholz

Aside from any discussions you’re having currently, if you’ve got time, I’d love to get your thoughts on pricing in general and walk through together some ideas on how we can improve to help you, your clients and others.

Shoot me a DM when you’re free, I’m super keen to speak with you :smiley:


As it turns out, the client is not comfortable with providing the relevant information for pricing to you at this stage. This essentially leads to a situation where I am forced to look for alternatives to Moltin :frowning:



We are sorry that you won’t be joining us on the platform, we have taken note of this issue for you around pricing and will be discussing internally.

Thank you


Hi drew,

I’d still very much like to find a solution for the upcoming project and I’m in contact with your sales team via e-mail. This thread was meant as a general feedback, since I am sure I’m not the only one who feels this way.

I’ll definitely keep using your services for other projects in the future.

Anyways, thanks for considering my concerns!


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At least somebody contacted you. In my case, no answer at all. :confused:


Hi just following on from our previous conversation, sales I believe have now been in touch and this has been resolved :slight_smile:


Non-transparent pricing sucks, will definitely be looking as hard as I can for alternatives. Why can’t you just be straight up with your customers? You are likely going to hear that over and over again from the small percentage of us frustrated potential customers that think providing feedback is preferable to just closing the browser tab and continuing the search for a solution. It’s a real shame as the solution looks great and it’s obvious you have all worked hard on it.


Hi, thank you for your feedback. I understand that this may be frustrating to some of our potential customers and I will pass your concerns back to the relevant team.



Thanks, I’m using Reaction now instead but I appreciate you taking the time to reply…


Same feedback as above :

  • non-transparent pricing sucks
  • nobody got back to me after I sent a message


hi @markdown,

Sorry, you have encountered this, may I ask where you messaged us?




From the website contact form.


Sent another message but still no answer :man_shrugging: