Payment gateways



How do I add payment gateway in fromILOVELAMP

I want this payment gateway

How do I add this using dashboard

Thank you in advance.


Hi @sahilkashyap64 :wave:

In order to use a custom gateway, you will need to enable the Manual gateway option inside the Dashboard.

You can find this Settings > Gateways > Manual >

You’ll want to check the Enabled box and click Save.

Enabling the manual gateway gives you the power to handle payments with whatever gateway you wish in your code.

Now that is enabled, you will need to update the Checkout component to handle your custom gateway.

Where you place the code for your custom gateway is your choice but you’ll probably not able to do all of this client side unless your chosen gateway can create a token on the client in the same way Stripe does.

Once you handle the payment your side, you can use the SDK to mark the payment as authorizeed/captured via the SDK.

Moltin.Orders.Payment('orderId', {
  gateway: 'manual',
  method: 'authorize'
}).then(() => {
  // Do something

I hope this helps :smile:


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