Payment Gateway Error



I’m new to Moltin and integrating it into an existent App/Site, I’m trying to test payments but only getting a error, log:

Using Stripe test api key

POST 400 (Bad Request)

    0:detail:"Invalid positive integer"
    title:"Payment gateway error"

Moltin.Orders.Payment(, {
	gateway: 'stripe',
	method: 'purchase',
	first_name: 'John',
	last_name: 'Doe',
	number: '4242424242424242',
	month: '02',
	year: '2020',
	verification_value: '123'
}).then(res => {


The error seems to be on Moltin, dashboard orders, it show product prices as 0.00 instead of the one that’s been set



Thank you for submitting this, I will look into it and feedback as soon as possible. We may need to move this over to our support portal if it is indeed a bug


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