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Hi, I am creating a swift mobile application using Moltin. I do not want to integrate a payment gateway to my application, can I confirm orders without customers paying for orders before collection?

Can offers/discounts be added to orders before checkout?

Thanks Shannon


Hi Shannon, apologies for the delay here! You can create a moltin order and it will have a payment status of unpaid by default.

You can then use our manual gateway to update the payment status of moltin orders without relying on a payment gateway, this should fulfil your use case. More info on the manual gateway in the second half of this post -

Promotions can indeed be added before checkout, they get applied to a cart. You can learn more about promotions in this post - @craigtweedy will be able to speak to how you use promotions with the iOS SDK .

Please let me know if I’ve misunderstood or misinterpreted your question.

Excited to see what you build!
Matt & Moltin team


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