Ordering of categories etc



Is it somehow possible through the Moltin user interface to set up some sort of custom ordering determining the order in which I receive e.g. categories through the API calls? I am not looking for an alphabetical ordering - it has to be custom ordering. As default it seems the ordering is based upon the order in which the categories were typed in. Which in any case seems pretty random.


Hi @lampeskaerm by Moltin at the moment sorting isn’t supported in the dashboard for categories. That being said it is supported by the API (https://docs.moltin.com/basics/sorting) so I would think that this will come to the dashboard at some point, however, I can’t give an accurate timescale on that at the moment.

We post updates on the forum when we release new features so keep an eye on here for future updates :slight_smile:

Thank you



Thank you for your help :slight_smile:. I will utilize the API solution for now =)