Monthly cost for Promotions



I see you guys have changed your pricing page for
So based on the new info, the only way for someone to use Promotions (discounts), is to pay $995 a month?
What if someone wants to use Promotions but does not need the 250K operations p/m and only uses about 20K?


Hi @Gullible.Jin

I am more than happy to enable the Promotions feature for your store. We’d love to hear your feedback on using this feature too, so please drop me a DM with your store ID and I’ll make sure you’re all ready to go.

Have a great day :slight_smile:


I am a freelance developer, I make stores for clients. Think I should’ve mentioned that.
When a client needs Promotions, I will let you know and provide feedback based on their usage which will probably be soon as this is a common needed feature.



That’s great @Gullible.Jin

You can create multiple stores under one account, so I can enable this feature globally. :tada:

If you need any help getting started using moltin, please reach out. We’ve a blog full of examples and GitHub has some really great JS examples if that’s your flavour.

All the best :smiley:


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