Moltin x Stance


Hi All!

Checking in to tell you all about the launch of the Stance mobile self checkout application!

We recently partnered with Stance to bring a simple, slick, checkout experience to their retail stores, all powered by the Moltin API. The application allows customers to shop around the store, and pay for their goods and go, removing the hassle of lines and till registers.

We built this application as a progressive web app, which allows users to access a simple URL provided in-store, and use the application instantly. The application allows users to scan barcodes of the products they wish to buy, providing a quick and easy way to tagging what they want to purchase and integrates with Stripe for a super quick Apple Pay / Google Pay payment method.

Should the user want to save the application for later, they can add it to their home screen, and the website will load as if it was a native app.

The application makes use of a full range of Moltin’s capabilities, such as promotions, custom cart items, and simple integration to payment providers such as Stripe, even allowing us to pay store accounts individually using Stripe Connect.

Find out more on our site or check out the awesome video Stance created for their launch below.



Love it!