Moltin + Amazon/eBay/Facebook



Moltin is good alternative to traditional ecommerce platforms. I’m just wondering is there any architectural way to use it for Amazon products publishing and managing?

Moltin is used as database + API to keep all products, variation, get data, etc. So it’s mostly “read-only”.
I need to publish products from Moltin to Amazon seller account.

In this way I will have to make a middleware to get products data via API and publish to Amazon + make special admin for this middleware to map products.

Just thoughts. I would like to have all in one system, can’t figure out how to achieve it.


Hi @virulaine

This is a great question and something that several of our customers have tackled directly themselves with a small middleware microservice. Here’s a quick diagram to demonstrate how this could be achieved:

You could ofcourse introduce an admin interface on top of this to act as a control layer/mechanism if need be or potentially look at using flows (custom data) in the Moltin dashboard to tag/store information on individual products to control their status on Amazon (the middleware could then react appropriately based on these custom fields you set).




Thank you very much for this diagram. Really helpful!