(Moltin + Algolia) + Angular = Super Awesome eCommerce


Hi :wave:

I have been floating around the forum for a while now and you might have seen some of the questions I have asked. I am currently the Lead Developer at verado.com, a market place for pre-loved luxury goods such as watches, jewellery and diamonds.

I’d like to share with the community what we have built so far, as I think it is an interesting case study using Moltin in every possible way.

Let me explain about our tech stack a little as I feel it is rather unique to the typical eCommerce platform:

We are using Angular 6 for our framework with full PWA compatibility this allows us to give a near native experience on the web while also harnessing the use of service workers. This allows us to give the user blazingly fast load times when using Angulars advanced caching mechanism. This will be further improved once we switch on SSR (Angular Universal).

For our search functionality we use the widely popular Algolia to search and filter an infinite amount of attributes and sort through over 4000+ products. As an Angular developer I found it very easy to integrate with Algolia as they have a widget kit that you can use as is or extend like we have done. To keep our products in sync @Matt from Moltin wrote a serverless function that keep our products in sync every 24hrs. Thanks again Matt!

Now down to Moltin. From the very moment we signed up @Matt and team have been there all the way and they truly have an interest in seeing your business become successful. Don’t get me wrong there have been hurdles! But Moltin have always supplied us with solutions to issues we were having building something we felt was unique and pushed the boundaries of what Moltin is currently capable of. That being said we have gone to market in a matter of months, 5 to be precise and that also includes the integration with Algolia.

We will also be relesing a CLI tool that allows you to create, update and delete products on your store via a .csv file. Very useful for someone loading large amounts of data like us. This will be covered in another post so stay tuned :radio:

If you have and questions please don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:


Hi @joe :wave:

Thanks for sharing some insights into your tech stack! Always super exciting to see what our customers build and to hear that some of the examples surrounding the API are being put to good use!

I’d love if you could share some details on the 5 month process you mentioned and break it down into a few stages to give myself, the wider moltin team and visitors here on the forum an idea of the implementation process, some of the moving parts, through to launch and beyond.

Looking forward to the CLI tool, sounds super useful! Drop myself, @notrab or @GeorgeF a line and we’ll be sure to feature it as a resource in the developer portal we’re currently building out.


@joe Thanks for sharing this.

We’re super happy that our team got to be part of the project! Everyone in the engineering org thinks the quality is really high.

I’d echo @ajsturrock questions on more details in the process. And we’d also be really interested to hear more about the technology behind the scenes, how the system runs, and any other bits and pieces.

Grats again! :rocket:


hi @joe thanks for sharing, any update in the cli?
also any advice how to manage the different environments --> dev, staging, Production? for all your stack .