Meetup in Los Angeles


I’m doing a meetup next month in Los Angeles. The meetup group is connected to the largest iOS developers meetup in Southern California. If you are in the Santa Monica area come out.


This is great @court

Will the event be recorded?

Feel free to reach out to @craigtweedy @GeorgeF or I directly if you need any additional content for your slides around Moltin.


@notrab I don’t think it will be recorded. I plan to do some live coding after some slides.



Excited to hear about it. If you’d like me to send out some swag, DM me :grin:


@court Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing you again and learning more about Moltin.


The meetup over the eCommerce industry and Moltin last night went well. There were a few questions and concerns that continue to come up. One was pricing, which I know has changed over the years considering the new focus of Moltin. Another question was the ability as a single developer to test and build projects on Moltin. Thanks @bballentine for coming out! I’ll be posting the slides soon.


@court thanks for a great presentation! I’m looking forward to checking out the slides when they’re available.


Sounds like it went really well! Excited to see your slides :star_struck:


Here is the link to the slides I have just pictures on some slides without words like what’s listed below.

The picture above describes “bloated” like Magento code base. Guess the others if you can or whatever. I’m happy to answer any questions about the slides or about the eCommerce industry just let me know.

Shout out to @notrab for helping me upload the slides.