Looking for a link/page to find a list all the api calls in the Javascript API



Is there a page on your website where I can find all the javascript api calls for the moltin JavaScript API? Like, in the javascript quick start it has :


and a lot others.

I’m looking to delete and update cart items.

I’m using angular 5 if this is needed information for you.

Thanks, Donte


We’re actually in the process of updating our API reference, which will include the relevant SDK calls.

The methods you looking for are viewable here. You can poke around the src directory to find any others you might need.


Moltin.Cart().UpdateItemQuantity(itemId, '3')

Hopefully this is of help to you, and we should have all this documented and public soon! :raised_hands:


Hey Jonathan, any idea when the SDK docs will be complete?
Only just looking into Moltin for the first time now and it sounds really great, but kind of unusable to me without this.



We recently published an early release of our new API reference which you find here. This includes JS-SDK examples for most of the API services, the rest of which will be added in due course.

This is a work in progress and should be treated accordingly. We’re continually making improvements and would love to hear any feedback you have :smile:

Let me know if you have any questions.


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