Login , User Id link with cart and order


Their is no user id concept in moltin, how can it linked with user
In your documentation it shows coming soon, when can i expect user feature in moltin


Hey there,

We currently have a standalone customers service in moltin (https://moltin.api-docs.io/v2/customers), and are in the process of linking it to orders/carts as well as bringing it into the documentation. Expect to see an announcement in the forum over the coming weeks!



How to login with this service https://moltin.api-docs.io/v2/customers


You’ll be able to swap an email address and password for a unique token. This token can be used as the {identifier} in calls to some of the customers endpoints that in turn gives you access to resources for that customer. Again, we’re working on the documentation on this as it’s not complete, so stay tuned!


Is thr any update on this?


It is now possible to attach a customer (by ID) to an order when checking out a cart.

Checkout this post to learn more. Hope this helps!