List of products filtered by a custom field




I want to get a list of products filtered by a custom field.

More specifically we are running a Marketplace where customers can create products. So basically what we’ve done is that we’ve added a custom field named customer_id on the product to link the customer.

On the documentation I’ve seen that it’s possible to create brands but I didn’t understand if I could use brand to get a list of product.

My idea was to create a brand using the customer_id as the name and then get the list of products associated to the brand ?

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi @ggrossetie

This is on our roadmap, however we don’t have an ETA just yet.



Thanks for your reply @James :+1:
Do you have a public roadmap so we (ie. the users) know what it’s coming (even if there’s no ETA) ?


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