Latest news and updates from moltin!


Hi everyone,

Thanks to you, we’ve got some great feedback from our close partners and community! :clap:

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve shipped lots of changes because of that feedback, and on the basis of several new features. This includes:

  • Various Dashboard Updates
  • Updates to the checkout process for the Customers service
  • Adding customer logins and orders
  • Adding a manual gateway to the payments API
  • Additional elements to Flows
  • Address management via customer tokens
  • A new tutorials section

Head over to our full update post over on the blog to get more detail on all of these.

Don’t forget to keep adding your feedback and feature requests to the Feedback section on the forum to help carve the roadmap going forward :rocket:


Congrats on the major update to the new API Reference. Having cURL and JavaScript is great. Are there plans to provide code examples for all supported SDKs? ie Swift, Java, PHP?


Glad you’ve checked them out! We’d love to hear any other feedback you have :slight_smile:

We’ll be rolling out continuous improvements to the API reference in the future, including request examples for our other SDKs.


@jonthornham, swagger will generate clients for you from the contract spec. Will that help?


I’ve not used Swagger before. I will look into it. Thanks for the suggestion.