JS SDK vs API Requests


Hello, Everyone!

I’m looking into building a Moltin library for https://mint-lang.com.
So far I have two options, Make pure HTTP requests or JavaScript interop with the https://github.com/moltin/js-sdk. The former will be a bit more work but will result in a smaller bundle size, since you won’t have to include the JS SDK and Mint library in your project. The latter will be less work to implement.

How would you approach this scenario, maybe you have a better implementation?
Thank You.


Hey :wave:

We have moltin-request which is still early days but it would be great if you wanted to contribute to that.

The basic functionality of this includes handling authentication and basic CRUD methods.

I hope this helps :smile:


moltin-request seems to be a NodeJS library, Since Mint is a front-end programming language it wouldn’t fit this use case unless a user also wanted to run a node server.


It supports the client side too. There isn’t a umd build right now but I hope to support that soon with a tweak to the output config :sweat_smile:


That’s Awesome!, Looking forward to an UMD build, It will help a lot.