Installation android sdk


Installation problem

Hi , I’m totally new into moltin, I’m trying to integrate the sdk into android but I keep having errors on my gradle console.
Error:Unable to resolve dependency for ‘:app@debug/compileClasspath’: Could not find :android-sdk-[debug|release]
I’ve added de compile dependency : compile(name:‘android-sdk-[debug|release]’, ext:‘aar’)
but it doesnt work.
There is one step I can’t do which is :
"Once complete, add the .aar file into your libs folder from Moltin"
Where can I find the .aar file?


Hi @LuisSantiago

The Android SDK is slightly out of date now. I’d recommend if you can, that you directly interact with the API using the endpoints outlined in our API reference.

If it helps, we recently updated the Swift SDK but I can’t confirm if/when the Android SDK will be updated.

Sorry I can’t be any further help :smile: