How to get the products based on different scenarios like offers or discounts?



Hi All,

Actually we want show the list of products based on below scenarios

  1. 50% offer
  2. 10% discount
  3. below 10000 rs
  4. below 2000 rs
  5. above 20000 rs
  6. 1000 discount

Help me out , how to get the products based on each above situations ?



At the moment I wouldn’t recommend using promotions on V1 for anything other than coupon codes. They were an experimental feature in V1 and some functionality is a bit temperamental. With the release of V2 we are focusing our attention on our new API as V1 has been deprecated.

However, if you wish to search for products based on other parameters you can view this blog for information on advanced searching in Moltin:


Support Engineer