How to get the Cart items in a list?



How can i get my cartItems that are in my cart and add them to an array of type CartItem?


Hi Karl,

You can use Moltin.cart.list(itemsInCartID: "your cart ID"). This returns an array of CartItem from the API for you.

For example:

Moltin.cart.list(itemsInCartID: "<CART ID>") { result in
    switch result {
    case .success(let cartList):
        print(cartList.items) // This is [CartItem]
    case .failure(_): break

Hope this helps!


I should create my own cart? and hwo do i get the cart ID?


The cart ID is a UUID that you store somewhere to keep track of the cart.

You can either create this yourself by using let cartID = UUID().uuidString, and then call Moltin.cart.list(itemsInCartID:) endpoint, or you could call Moltin.cart.getNew, this does essentially the same thing, but returns you a new Cart object from the API, which will have the UUID.

    Moltin.cart.add(itemWithProductID: productid!, andQuantity: 1, toCartID: "reference1") { result in
        switch result {
        case .failure(let error):
            print("Failed to add product to cart \(error)")
        case .success:
            print("Successfully added product to cart")

this is my code and in toCartID i’ve put “reference1”.
So now “reference1” is my cartID?


Yep! That’s exactly it. The reference can really be anything, but we recommend UUID's.


Okay thank you for your patience!
one more question but out of topic.
If i want to decrease the quantity of a product in a cart i have to change through JSON or is there another way?


If you have the ID of the item in the cart, you can use this method to change that quantity of that item:

You’ll need the cartItemID, quantity and cartID.


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