How to create product variants using Moltin dashboard?



How to add product variants using Moltin dashboard? I explored Moltin dashboard but I did not find any way to add product variants. I am making a website and I want to add size option to the product. How to do I implement this functionality using Moltin api?


Hi at the moment variants aren’t baked into the dashboard however you can add variants via the API:

Our documentation contains all the information needed to create variants at

If you need any help feel free to message me :slight_smile:

Thank you


Hi Drew,
Do i have to make an admin area to manage product variants? If not then can you explain how it can be done?



You don’t need to create an admin area you can use a tool like postman to create the API calls needed to insert the variants and then attach them to the products:

You can also do this via curl requests, for example from the documentation:

curl -X POST \
     -H "Authorization: Bearer 965baf46f390879c213e48cf84dcda16bb6d0819" \
     -d $'{
  "data": {
    "type": "product-variation",
    "name": "Paint colour"


In order to this you would need to authenticate using client-credential authentication and insert the returned token into the header of further calls to the API. Client credential authentication allows you perform write functions against your store.


Thanks! Drew
Can you show me how to make size option using postman and a custom text field as an option.


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