How can I update promotion codes?



I need to update the promotion codes for a promotion quite regularly. If a code gets used it needs to be removed. I don’t want to create individual promotions for every code. I tried GETting all codes for a promotion, modifying them and POSTing them to Moltin again but I got a 422 “Duplicate Code” response. PUT is not available.

Is it possible to implement a PUT feature? Or do you have a temporary workaround? Individual promotion codes are really important to my client and the launch is planned ASAP.

Thank you!

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Hey Oscar! This is a good point. Will circulate with the team and get back to you.

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For the time being I found a workaround.

I can POST an empty “codes” array to /promotions/{id}/codes and then POST the updated one to /promotions/{id}/codes. This won’t result in a 422 “Duplicate Code” error.

I hope I could help anyone!

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Oscar :+1:t2:

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