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Hello everyone!

I am pretty new to back-end programming so I was looking for a back-end webshop solution like Moltin that I could use with the front-end that I made. So far Moltin looks like, well, a godsend basically, however I don’t know how to get to any of the information I need. I went through the documentation and tried a bunch of things but I still get errors that I can’t quite solve. I know this is not a direct question nor topic, and I’m sorry about that I was just wondering if there is anyone here that might want to help me through the starting faze of using Moltin so that I can utilize it to it’s fullest potential?
If it would be easier I’m not opposed to a chat communication or something like that.

Looking forward to any form of advice!


Hey @ignjor

I’m super pleased you’re considering using moltin and I’d love to grab some time to talk through your requirements. You can schedule a call via my calendar here.

Also, I should note I’m in the process of building a tutorial series showing you how to build a store from scratch using Next.js but I’d like to cover a lot more tools, frameworks and languages, including Serverless, Vue, NodeJS and Angular to name a few.

I’ve already recorded a few videos showing how you can get started with our React demo store “I Love Lamp” but these videos are no way the deep dive I think you’re after.

Let me know if those videos are any help.



Hey @notrab,

First off, thank you so much for the fast reply and the interest to get me out of this jam!

I made an appointment for Wednesday 11am CET. Just one thing, what are we going to use for the call?

I will check the videos out, hopefully they will help, but I think you are right with the deep dive!
I hope you will be able to clear this up for me, you might almost literally save my life! :smiley:


Hi @ignjor

No problem at all. I’ll reach out via DM to sort out the call specifics.

Are you able to provide further information here on what you’ve tried already and what you’re looking to do? That might help others if I can answer your issues and provide me some context to have an example ready for Wednesday.

Have a great day :smile:


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