Hello 👋 please introduce yourself


Hello everyone

I’m George, just joining Moltin here in Boston working on our developer success team to help empower everyone to make cool things.

I was a software engineer at Runkeeper working on the iOS and Android app. I enjoy working on native apps but getting into React and some progressive app stuff.

Super excited to work with the Moltin community to work on cutting edge commerce and help companies establish unique direct to consumer experiences.

Looking forward to jumping in on some question and helping make things happen. Feel free to reach out to me directly anytime.



@GeorgeF Congrats on joining the Moltin team. Are you working on React Native or native iOS and Android at Moltin?

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Hello I am Steven Osborne from Dallas TX. I moved out to California to start CamelHQ with my twin brother @court.

We are working on CamelHQ a development and design agency tailored to the streetwear and lifestyle brands.

I taught myself programming from Youtube in 2014. Found out about Moltin on Will Stern Youtube channel in 2015.

Our languages and tools of choice are Nodejs, Reactjs(Redux), React-native, Swift, and hopefully Golang in the future.

Excited to bring an amazing experience to this niche market.



Great to meet you guys. Look forward to working together.



Hello All!?

My name is Dan, residing in SoCal (aka southern California).
Currently testing moltin for a possible ecommerce project.
Use javascript and have worked with Express, React, Node etc…
Am interested in learning more about Moltin which is reason for joining this forum!

I am in the position of learning right now but wish to contribute to the community later! Looking forward to talking to you all!

Like fps games, golfing and learning code on off time .



That’s awesome!

Welcome aboard :wave:

Great to see some new faces here and twins both into web development :ok_hand:

Can’t wait to see the exciting things you build with Moltin.

Reach out if you’d like to bounce some ideas around.



Hi everyone!

I’m Meg - I’m a Product Owner here at Moltin :wave:

I’m located in our Boston office :us: but I work closely with our teams in all of our offices - as well as our customers and stakeholders - to inform and build our product roadmaps.

Since joining the business back in December, I’ve been amazed with the innovative experiences that folks have been building with Moltin. I’m excited for the road ahead and can’t wait to learn more about all of your projects!




Hi Everyone,

I’m Jennia. I joined Moltin’s product team in Boston a couple of days ago. Currently, I’m wrapping my head around the endless opportunities you can have with Moltin APIs! I’m very excited to be part of such a talented and passionate team.

Funny enough, I spent all of my life in retail, literally - my parents have been running a small chain of stores in Russia since …forever. I used to help around the warehouse and work as a Buyer during university vacations (which was a lot of fun as I was visiting manufacturers in China and Turkey!). In 2014 I ended up in the States working for a software startup developing enterprise solution for physical stores. Not sure how this happened as I spent six years studying International Relations and Chinese (which I pretty much forgot by now)!

In my spare time, I love to eat, explore and hike with my husband, dog and a cat (I have two cats, but the other one prefers to stay at home).



Hey, i’m Callum. I’m originally from the UK but I travel and work remote (Currently in Taiwan).

I’m new to React so i’m testing out Moltin while learning React. It’s going well so far. I hate Magento so it’s refreshing to use something more modern.

I’m hoping that this platform will be awesome and I will probably have a ton of questions. I’m currently working on building a test moltin website to see what I can come up with.



Welcome @wrux

Great to have you. Your store looks amazing so far, great work :tada:

Feel free to ask any questions, feedback on our API and join in the fun :smile:



Thanks. I’m about to make a post about how to create a currency switcher



Hello Everyone,

My name is Sanjay Kumar and I am from New Delhi, India. I am CEO and Founder of Deligence Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We are Web & Mobile App development company. We are using JavaScript technologies (like Meteor JS, NextJS, React JS) for our development. We are using Apache Cordova for Mobile Apps.

I was exploring eCommerce development tool with NextJS and come to Moltin. We are currently doing R&D on Moltin (with React JS & with NextJS) and will start doing development using Moltin soon for our global clients.

Facebook, Twitter, GitHub



Hello! I’m starting to build a marketplace for whisky and looking at a few different things including moltin. Seems good so far but can’t get the react demo to work. Replaced the client key with my own one but it’s still showing lamps. Haha

Anyway. Looks like a good community and really keen to see what moltin can do for us.

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What year was Moltin created?

What problem does Molten solve?
How does Moltin it solve the problem (?
Why would someone use Moltin?
What are the alternatives to Moltin?
What is it similar to, if anything?
What is the history of this Moltin’s technology?
Who built Moltin and why?
Who is maintaining Moltin?

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Hey :wave:

You should find most of your answers in this post by one of our co-founders @ajsturrock.

Moltin aims to provide all the business logic whilst removing itself from the implementation via a predictable, reliable and fast API.

I believe Moltin is best used by those who wish full control over their frontend, leaving all of the storage and logic to someone else.

Since Moltin started in 2013, it has gone through an API redesign, which now mostly follows the JSON API specification.

We completed Series A earlier this year which allowed us to grow our team and provide more content, faster features and bug fixes. We’ve since partnered with some massive names, including Stance to provide their in-store self checkout. You can read more about that on our website.

If you have any questions please reach out on our forum or on Twitter.


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Hello friends, I must say that I am very privileged to be part of this noble platform which seeks to discuss the best possible and innovative technologies to improve upon the shopping experience of customers. Well, my name is Paul Adjei and a resident of Accra in Ghana. I am the CEO of Accessplus Communications Ltd, a licensed VAS provider, a communications and a distribution company based in Ghana. i also double as the CEO of Lebara Ghana Ltd, a telecoms and ICT company. Lebara Ghana is a franchisee of the Lebara Group, a Pan-European Mobile Virtual Network Operator with headquarters in London, UK.
Over the years, i have been exploring for a self checkout solution that is easy to launch and that does not require an app. Fortunately, I just found Moltin.
I am interested to build and launch a solution for retailers in Ghana & West Africa to enable them offer a self-checkout solution that will allow their customers to completely skip lines and kiosks and check out on their smartphones without downloading any app. I want to partner Moltin to introduce a shopping experience in Ghana and across West Africa that will allow customers to simply navigate to a short URL from their smartphones where they will only scan the barcodes on product tags and check out using their VISA & MASTERCARD credit & debit cards or their mobile money wallets or their bank accounts. The Moltin-based solution we intend to deploy should be a browser-based, progressive web application that is optimized for mobile.
I look forward to your support and contribution to make this dream a reality in the not-too-distant future.

Thank you and enjoy the festive season



Hi everybody, I’m Kevin. Attempting to build an e-commerce platform in AMP using Moltin. If anybody has experience, please do share.

Kevin Woolf
From SF but currently reside in Taipei City, Taiwan
AMP E-commerce
Still learning!
If I’m not programming I’m cookin or playin with the kids



My Name is Monica from flower mound. I am running a clothing store on two locations.

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Hi, I’m Max :wave:
I work in the e-commerce space in Paris :tokyo_tower:, mainly platform based :-1:. I’ve recently undertaken a few pure react projects for smallish clients with specific needs, as a developer, loved it :+1:, and I am finally looking to do a full e-store with React. I’ve convinced a client and am very happy to be starting the build with Moltin.
I’ve ended up in Paris, but I’m originally from Melbourne in Australia :koala:. Always reachable.

Would be extra keen to connect with any continental Europeans in the group on dealing with local issues. Also, this is a very new approach here, and people are very wedded to the bigger PHP -heavy platforms, so any advice in how to bring people around the tech is always welcome.
Cheers and à bientot,

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Hey everyone!

my name is Collin Thompson, I’m originally from Toronto, Canada-but grew up in sunny Los Angeles. I currently live and work in Hong Kong.

I’m working on a marketplace for digital product development services.
it’s essentially a two-sided marketplace, or we prefer to call it a membership community.
We connect the world’s leading brands to top technology developers and product designers.

Our goal is to digitise the delivery of complex knowledge based services.

We want to help entrepreneurs rapidly prototype and build digital products, and also help international software development companies, big and small, connect with high quality clients, grow their business, and make an impact with their products/services.

I’m a designer by focus, but my background has been in between venture capital and entrepreneurship. I started and sold a ecommerce sneaker/trainer company about 6 years ago.

I work primarily on product management, front end UX, using Figma, FramerX, and I prefer working with React.js components. I’m not a coder per se, but I know the basics, and work on basic Javascript skills daily.

I’m a fan of Node.js, Gatsby, and Ghost for content publishing. I’m a tools fanatic. I spend about 20% of my day researching new tools and Saas products. I’m loving the JAMstack movement/ headless API trend which brought me to Moltin.

the great thing about the product is that you can do almost anything you can imagine, the challenging part is that you can do almost anything you can imagine…so getting started and testing this is where I’m at right now.

I’m a huge lifestyle and design fan, so outside of work, which is rare because I love design and product. you can find me at nice restaurants, I’m a foodie, travelling and immersing myself in great interiors, learning languages, I love movies, super huge Politico junkie, love journalism and writing, and waxing poetic about the nexus of technology and culture.

I’m excited about learning and developing my skills and career with the Moltin community!

If anyone is interested in taking on a developer/coding Padawan, please find me in the marketplaces thread as I will be asking alot of architecture, tools, and programming questions there.