Hello 👋 please introduce yourself


We’re thrilled to see you here! Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you’re looking to do with moltin? We know introductions aren’t always easy so here are a few questions to get the ball rolling :grinning:

  • What’s your name?
  • What’s your country of residence?
  • What project/s are you working on?
  • What programming languages and frameworks do you use?
  • What moltin SDKs and open source tools are you using?
  • What moltin features and tools do you find really useful?
  • Where else are you on the Internet?
  • What are your interests outside of programming?

Post a reply below, the moltin team is looking forward to connecting with you all! :smile:


Hello :wave: I’m Adam, one of the co-founders here at moltin. I grew up in Sheffield but moved to Newcastle in 2009.

TLDR: :robot: I am here to help you.

4 years ago I used to be a developer at an agency where I worked on hundreds of eCommerce websites. These were built on a range of different platforms such a Wordpress, Magento and Shopify. I also worked on an eCommerce plugin called FireSale (deprecated due to the rapidly evolving releases) for PyroCMS.

I founded moltin with Jamie and Chris because the platforms we worked with were monolithic, used outdated methodologies, ran on old technology stacks and were a total pain to work with :confounded: - maintenance and updates across hundreds of sites is a real pain! Projects regularly went over time and over budget and even the APIs for these platforms felt like an after thought, something bolted onto the side to enable plugins but never truly exposed full functionality of the core.

One lunch time we sat down and looked at other APIs like Stripe, Twilio and SendGrid and thought; what about the entire eCommerce platform as a set of APIs. A turn key headless backend to enable the rapid build and deployment of frontend applications. As we put it “as flexible as magento and as fast as Shopify” - the perfect middle ground with the best of both worlds. Thus moltin was born, you can read my very first blog post here.

A few weeks later we had quit our jobs and started building the beta version. Fast forward through two accelerators (Ignite & Y Combinator), two version releases, multiple fund raising rounds and today I’m proud to say we have 1000s of developers on the platform and hundreds of moltin projects growing every day! :rocket:

My role is varied and I wear many hats. If there is a gap that needs filling I’ll happily jump in and lend our fantastic team a hand. Whether that’s growing the developer community, being a champion and advocating for all users, through to improving the onboarding process, documentation, guides and overall product experience.

I :heart:️ how no matter what your programming experience and background is, anyone can quickly hack together a functioning eCommerce application on moltin in just a few minutes/hours. That’s the real beauty and power of any headless API.

When I’m not working on moltin you’ll either find me travelling :airplane:️ between the UK, US and Europe or raising my 2 year old son.

Message me anytime to talk about eCommerce, APIs, startups, community, gifs or emojis.


Hey :smiley: I’m Leanne, Head of Marketing here at moltin :rainbow: :unicorn:

Originally from Halifax in West Yorkshire (yes, it’s a town and not just a bank!), I moved to Newcastle in 2009. After working as an Account Handler in a marketing and digital agency, I moved to start the marketing team here nearly two years ago.

Working closely with the development team in my last job, I could see the frustrations they were having with commerce platforms, from both development and budget perspectives. So when the opportunity came up to work at moltin, I knew I had to jump at the chance to change the commerce digital landscape for good :rocket:

My role at moltin means I look after all marketing - from brand image and messaging, to content creation and working closely with our awesome engineering team to make sure we’re providing all the tools, documentation and tutorials you need to get started with your project :nerd_face:

When I’m not in the moltin office, you’ll probably find me in the gym or out eating and drinking somewhere :weight_lifting_man:t3::pizza::tropical_drink:

If there are any cool ideas :bulb: you have for commerce, just give me a shout. I’m always on the lookout for new innovative projects to help you with and provide tools for.


:wave: Hi there, I’m Birgitte, Interface engineer at moltin

I’m the in-house Viking (born and raised in Norway), but moved to the North East of England in 2012, though studied here for a few years prior to moving.

Since starting at moltin I’ve worked on a number outwards facing web sites and apps for the company, and I am still finding myself split between several projects. The biggest piece of work I’ve had here, so far, has been to create the new flat-file website, which also included bending Jekyll to my will.

I’m a big advocate of a11y, and work closely with our designer to attempt to make our sites and apps more and more accessible.

When I’m not at the office I’m often found drawing or painting, though I also enjoy cups of tea and gaming. At the time of writing I’m trying to draw and upload something to instagram every day.



Hey, My name is Ian and I have the sun rising in taurus and moon descending into chaos.

I’m a Platform Engineer - one of moltin’s truly awesome :mage: team striving to provide you with the best tools for your commerce needs. (<- I’m doing a marketing course)

Hailing from the beautiful East coast fishing town of Grimsby - so great, they actually changed the name to Great Grimsby just to disambiguate from rubbish ones.

Visit Grimsby
(Yes I do own one of these…)

I :heart: programming. Many moons ago I studied to become a Chemical Engineer (which, after a string of bizarre events, lead to Breaking Bad being made :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: - minus the health issues…) and whilst on that journey I found my passion of typing things that computers did stuff with. After many cycles, I’ve landed here, part of an amazing group of people (all of whom still have hair and are yet to suffer my affliction) passionate about making the world a better place better than anyone else could make the world a better place.

Passionate about automated testing and good architecture in code, I despise every single framework ever presented to mankind. Unit testing and TDD are my best mates.


Hi there! my name is Israel, I’m not from Israel and I’ve never been there (yet), it’s just my name (don’t ask me why :sweat_smile:).

I’m originally from Venezuela🇻🇪 but spent half of my life in Spain🇪🇸 and now so far been living in UK🇬🇧 for 5 years.

I’ve been working more than a year already at moltin since I started lot of things have happened and I gave more emphasis on systems programming, scalability, reliability and have adopted a new role inside the company focusing more on operation, tooling and automation I evolve/grow and change to become what I think people will call Site Reliability Engineer.

You could find me on most of the social network by my nickname zot24, the ones I use the most are Twitter, Tumblr, Instgram feel free to drop me a line :smile:

I’m intrigued by different cultures and everything that idea implies, food :ramen:, meeting new people and traveling :earth_asia:


Hi, I’m Drew, the #1 Moltin Support Engineer.

I handle technical support queries and patch bugs. I am the analogue equivalent of Tron “I fight for the User”

When I’m not wearing my Tron costume I am mainly spending time with my family, and I am a big fan of combat sports especially Boxing. My all time favourite Boxer is Mike Tython


I’m James and I’m Senior Engineer here at moltin. I’ve been here around 2 years now and spend most of my time working with Go, PHP, Javascript and occasionally Ruby. Before moltin I worked at an agency that specialised in building ecommerce platforms that integrated with other business systems, so moltin being an API based solution really appealed to me!

I grew up and and still live in the Newcastle area, which means in my free time I watch a lot of Newcastle United :soccer: games. When I’m not watching football I like to keep fit :running_man:, eat nice food :curry:, drink nice wine :wine_glass: and write lots of code!


I’m Matt, a regular human (don’t listen to the Captcha’s :robot:). I work hard to make sure that anyone using moltin is successful.

Originally from Ireland :ireland:, I spent a year with Twilio as one of the first employees on the ground in Dublin, at Dogpatch Labs. There I learned the potential of API’s, and am extremely excited about what they bring to the world of commerce - hence here we are!

Passionate about product management, I co-organise ProductTank in Newcastle. Also enjoy amateur coding, by which I mean blindly copying and pasting bits of Javascript together until something goes on fire.

Most of all, I love learning from you good people who use moltin. If you’d like to chat about anything from best practices, to pricing, to roadmap or just have some general questions about the platform, here’s my calendar - https://calendly.com/mattfoyle/30min

giphy-downsized (1)


Hi everyone, I’m Andrew. I work as a platform engineer here at moltin - I work on some of the services you all build on and like to work on tooling :hammer_and_wrench: (SDK’s, utility application etc). I love programming in Go and PHP - in a past life I ran a small business with a custom CMS and worked closely with clients, from pitching to handing over - and everything in between :rocket:.


When I’m not working, you’ll find me in the shed :derelict_house:. I say shed, it’s more of a workshop. If I’m not in my shed/workshop, I’m looking after my little people :child::child::child:.


If I’m not looking after my little people, you’ll find me with a bottle of BrewDog :beer: in my hands, probably lying down (sometimes face first :crazy_face:). If I’m not doing, that, I’ll be walking the dog :paw_prints:

dog walking


Hi. :wave: My name is Andy and I’m one of your trusty platform engineers here at moltin.

As a backend engineer I’ve spent a lot of time designing APIs, and writing software to ingest data and return it nicely formatted only when the correct incantations have been uttered :mage:. I’ve also worked a lot with financial software and like to keep track of the latest cryptocurrency buzzwords.

At moltin I’m tasked with building and tuning the services you use, working mostly with Node, Go and PHP.

When I’m not moltining, I like to travel with a good soundtrack and I also have :cat: two :cat: cats, one good, one evil who guide me in my everyday decision making. My favourite steak is a ribeye served medium rare :cut_of_meat:, in conjunction with a Czech lager :beer:.

That’s pretty much everything you need to know about me.


Hi everyone !
My name is Julien, I am a french fullstack web developper working in Paris.
I am a big fan of Polymer and intend to integrate moltin into a Polymer based eommerce website.

Mostly I use Python as backend language but about this project I will use NodeJS and the Firebase service.

What I like most about moltin is that you can do almost anything and integrate any third part service or application into your project.
Currently the eCommerce website I am working on is powered by Prestashop which I hate !
The forge is also very important to me as the solution will be administrate by non tech users.

I will probably publish a Polymer moltin-element which will permit to implement the moltin JS SDK into any webcomponents based project.

You can chat with me on moltin.slack.com (@neilujd) and have a look on my few published projects on GitHub.

I like to travel around the worlds and meet new people !

If you have interests into Polymer I may be able to give you some advices so do not hesitate !:v:
PS: I also be present at the Polymer Summit 2017 at Copenaghen.


Hello everyone,

I am Laurens Lavaert, also known as Pruxis. A javascript developer from Belgium.
During the past year I have learnt so much about React and Redux that I can no longer live without them.

By the end of September I will be rolling off my first projects with Moltin, as I was happy to find some clients in need of an eCommerce solution.

This solution will be built solely in React & Redux, with Moltin ofcourse providing me the serverless experience.
But if it would seem necessary I can always use Firebase for state redundancy.

I saw that a few days ago a React & Redux boilerplate was released from you guys, which is surely useful for people starting out with React! :wink:
I would recommend to normalize your Redux store though, it might be tedious but as your project grows it’s really something you cannot miss.



I’m Rob - I mostly work with JavaScript, Node.js, love vue.js - but most contract work is react…

What’s your name?

  • Rob

What’s your country of residence?

  • United Kingdom

What project/s are you working on?

  • I’ve gone back into the world of contract software development… products are the way forward. Agency work doesn’t pay.

What programming languages and frameworks do you use?

  • Node.js, JavaScript, Love vue.js - but most of the work is in react…

What moltin SDKs and open source tools are you using?

  • None at the moment…

What moltin features and tools do you find really useful?

  • Just starting out with it

Where else are you on the Internet?

  • I can’t be bothered with all this social media stuff… its weird

What are your interests outside of programming?

  • Um… cycling, weight lifting, building stuff. Hackathons - I mostly hack on stuff.

My buddies and I had an idea once to build an ecommerce api… we got so far, but this fizzled out as we all got jobs etc…

I did a lot of Shopify - but I grew tired of it, and its community. Its partner programme really isn’t a programme. Although I’m leaving agency work behind - I’m keeping one client… as I think Moltin will be a great fit for them. Indeed, I quite like the idea of building some ready to roll white label solutions that connect with Moltin.




It’s awesome to see so many talented individuals here, part of the Moltin team and community using the product. I signed up a while ago but only now realised I forgot to introduce myself!

27, Male, UK

I’m Jamie. I’ve been developing websites for clients for over 10 years. Quite a lot of that time experimenting with new tools and creating awesome websites using Flash. BRING BACK FLASH. LOL NO. JUST KIDDING.

I’ve professionally been working as a web developer for 5-7 years for a variety of companies.

I spend most of my days using JavaScript and React. I recently embarked on the GraphQL journey and recently created a few methods to integrate my love for GraphQL and Moltin. Hopefully I can open source these in the next few months for others to use and help grow an awesome community and platform!

I’m yet to use Moltin in production but I’ve built a few apps using React and React Native to learn more about Moltin. Flows are the only thing I don’t 100% understand, but that’s maybe because I haven’t given myself the time to learn!

Outside of programming, I have a Wife and two daughters under 2yo. I enjoy spending time with family and learning magic tricks.

Have an awesome day everyone! See you on the forums!


Hi, I’m Christophe,
I’m a designer/front-end dev from Basel, Switzerland.
I use nuxt.js (vue.js) these days, which is great to create simple web apps in no time. Now I stumbled upon moltin while looking for an easy-to-use ecommerce solution for a tiny store at santihans.com. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to the included tax solution :slight_smile:
Twitter. @stophecom @santihans4056


Welcome, Christophe! :+1:


:wave: Hey!

My name is Oscar Stahlberg, I am a developer based in Berlin/ Germany. I love coding in Swift & Kotlin on top of that PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, you know… all that web-stuff :wink:. I’m also active as a designer, music producer, dj and as an upcoming entrepreneur. Though, atleast I am working on it ^^. I’m currently developing many things. I just finished a substitution schedule for my school (iOS and Android), also I finished a new website for a local shop by relatives of mine and currently I am working on planning a startup company based in the music market, that’s the part of me being an upcoming “entrepreneur”.

I‘m looking forward to use Moltin in an online shop, for now a test shop :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll come back to you when I tried Moltin a little!

By what I’ve seen to this point, Motlin seems to be great! Thank you!


Hey welcome to the moltin family!


Hey everyone :wave:

I’m Ollie, a UI/UX designer at Moltin here in the UK :uk: working alongside our engineering team to help ensure our products are easy to use and make sense for our users.

I come from an agency background working on client projects spanning from the web to native apps. Yet I always aspired for a role where I could help to evolve and influence a product over a much long timespan—which is what lead me to the fabulous and passionate team here at Moltin!

Alongside being a designer I’m a keen rock climber :person_climbing:‍♂️and Formula1 :red_car: fanatic. Feel free to reach out to me on either!