GraphQL powered eCommerce


A few days ago I recorded a short video on how you can use GraphQL with Moltin.

I’ve since noticed a few bugs in the video (my screen froze in a few areas while typing - sorry :frowning:️), so I’ll make sure to watch out for those in upcoming videos!

You can see the video on YouTube and download the repo on GitHub.

If GraphQL is something you’re hearing a lot about, I’ve a few videos on creating a GraphQL server should you wish to expand on this simple concept.

Go Moltin! :raised_hands:


I’ve gone ahead and made some small changes to the structure of this example.

You can see an updated version of the repo here.

There is also a very quick demo on how to get products using Apollo Client in this repo.

You’ll need both repos running to get products.

If anyone is interested working on this with me, feel free to reach out!