Get a list of Orders filtered by a Flow field



Is there any way I can get a list of Orders filtered by a field I added in the Orders Flow?


Hey there! You can’t currently filter in moltin on custom fields. Completely understand why you would want to do this and imagine we will enable such functionality at some point in the future though I cannot say when.

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Hey @Matt, what would be the recommendation in that case? The options I see are:

  • Get a list of incomplete orders and use local code to determine which one I need with the right custom field value.
  • Get a list of entries of the Orders flow, filter by the value I need, then fetch the Order.

Is there any preference in terms of performance or any other considerations?


I do have a similar use case as I want to get a list of products filtered by a custom field.

More specifically we are running a Marketplace where customers can create products. So basically what we’ve done is that we’ve added a custom field named customer_id on the product to link the customer.

On the documentation I’ve seen that it’s possible to create brands but I didn’t understand if I could use brand to get a list of product.

My idea was to create a brand using the customer_id as the name and then get the list of products associated to the brand ?

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Hey @ggrossetie, you might want to create a new post for your requirement; not sure if the moderators are seeing this since @Matt marked it as solved already (although I don’t personally consider it as solved).


Thanks for your reply @thr.admin!
Ok I will open a new issue :wink:


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