Flows for products in certain categories



I’m wondering what the best way to achieve this will be? For instance, at a previous company, we had a variety of outdoor gear. Based on the category the product was in it could have different attributes (Flow?) associated with it. This was semi strait forward in Magento so I’m curious the best approach for this within the Moltin Dashboard so that category managers can easily make modifications?


Hey @stephenjohnston! :wave:

Sorry for the delayed reply.

This is not currently possible out of the box with our current custom attributes implementation. There is one potential workaround you could utilise.

Try prefixing your custom fields with the category name, and then filter them accordingly on the front-end implementation. For example having backpacks-capacity and jackets-tog fields on your products flow, with backpacks and jackets being the categories.

Let me know if you have any question or require me to elaborate further :upside_down_face:


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