Finding out the product variation size name



In the cart and order what is the easiest way of finding out the variation size name of an item?



Hi greenlightpete,

Variations are a mechanism for generating multiple similar products. Part of this mechanism allows you to augment certain properties of the base product for your needs.

Many stock systems do not deal directly with these variants and rather manage SKU - so that SKU relates directly to a size/colour etc. In the moltin system though you can do some things to help humans out a little.

Adding a modifier like name_append to the variation option you can tag on extra information eg. - size 9

Hope this helps.


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Yes so for example I have a product and I’m in the cart

I want to display the product name (which I can get naturally)
but I want to get the variation size name for example Luxury (which is name_appended to the variation) so how can I can dislay the size next to the name of the product?



OK - hope I’ve understood this correctly…

Once all the options have been selected you can use the matrix to pick the relevant product ID.

You could send a GET to get that child product which will have the name appended.

You could also get the base product with ?include=children in the url - this will return all the child products with the base product and your response parsing code should be able to traverse the responses included property to find that child product by its ID.

The child product should have the size appended to the name if you have a name_append modifier with said size information.

If I’ve not fully understood what you are trying to achieve could you send a url so I can see your product page in action?




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